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We are an enthusiastic group of aeromodelers based in the "Atomic City" of Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Oppie and Groves
Although our club is not as old as the Manhattan Project, we'd like to think that Oppie and General Groves would have been members if given the chance.

We are the Acadamy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) charter club #362. Until proven otherwise, we are the oldest club in the state!

Our members (approximately 25) participate in many aspects of the aero-modeling hobby including control line, fixed wing, helicopters, gliders, and aerotowing.

To arrange a visit to one of our flying sites, please contact Tom at:
We love visitors!

Current Weather

This Española weather station provides updates every few seconds and is near the flying field. Unfortunately, it seems to be sheltered from the wind. When I measured 7-8 mph at the field, this weather station was recording 3-4 mph. So your mileage may vary.


Our dues are $100 per year. Plus every pilot must be a member of the AMA for insurance purposes.

For more information email Tom at:

Flying Sites

As a club member, you can enjoy our two premier flying sites, shown in the videos below.

sailportThe Overlook Park Sailport in White Rock is our site for gliders. Here is a map.

club signThe Larry Sanders Memorial Airfield in Española is our primary field for any type of powered (or unpowered) model. Here is a map.

It is named in memory of this man,
Larry Sanders:

This is an aerial view, looking east, of the Larry Sanders Memorial Airfield.

Entrance Gate

Once again we can access the Larry Sanders Memorial Airfield from the San Juan airport gate. Thanks to Ross for his diligent work on this. An email was sent to all paid members with the combination. If you are a paid member and haven't received this information yet, please send an email to:

Club Member Profiles

Click on a pilot's photo below to watch a short video profiling that club member.

Click here for John's Pilot Profile

Click here for Art's Pilot Profile

2016 Club Officers

President - Chris

Vice President - Ross

Treasurer - Randy

Safety Officer - Art

Secretary/Webmaster - Tom

Monthly Meetings

We hold a club meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.

The meeting is at Time Out Pizza in White Rock.

In the warm weather flying season, we have our monthly meeting at the Larry Sanders Memorial Airfield in Española on the Saturday following the second Wednesday.

Visitors are always welcome.

Contact Us

Want to get on our mailing list? Got a question about joining? Want to come watch us fly? Found a dead link? Or maybe you just want to correct my grammar or spelling?

Then send an email to:

My name is Tom and I'll be sure to get back to you. Come and see what all the fun is about.

Group Club Photos

Were you a club member back in the early 1990's? You might be in some of these group photos. Click below to see.

LAA Banner

Would you like to promote our club at your next event? We have two large banners you are welcome to use. Just email the webmaster at and you can dress up your next function with a classy banner like this:


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Upcoming Events

RMFM 2016 Open House

Flier Sunday June 5, 2016

New events will be posted here.

LA Aeromodelers Blog

Read the blog postings below for upcoming events and other club news.

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Noteworthy Club Activity

2014 ScienceFest

The Los Alamos Aeromodelers had a static display of model aircraft and gave flight demonstrations at the 2014 Los Alamos ScienceFest Rocket Day.

We introduced many community members to the joys of modeling.
(posted 10/10/2014)

Chief Master Sgt. Caleb

Club member Caleb is not only an accomplished aeromodeler but he is also very involved in the local Civil Air Patrol (CAP) cadets program.

Caleb was recently spotlighted in the LA Daily Post as he received the keys to a flight simulator that a local physics PhD built and donated to the CAP. Could this story happen anywhere but Los Alamos?

Click here to read the full story.
(posted 5/25/2014)

New Pilot's Station

The club has spiffy new pilot's stations thanks to the hard labor of many club members. Come on out and give them a try.

Gremlin Combat Planes

Ross is providing foam core wings and plastic downspout fuselages for Gremlin Combat planes.

Your webmaster built an electric version and it's a suprisingly smooth and stable flier.
(updated 4/19/2014)

Women's Auxiliary

The Los Alamos Aeromodelers is starting
a women's auxiliary. Does your wife or significant other need something meaningful to do while you are at the field on Saturday mornings? Have them join our women's auxillary. For a limited time only membership is free! And the first woman to join gets to pick the name:

1) The Los Alamos Aeromodelettes
2) The Los Alamos Wingettes
3) The Los Alamos Aeromodeler Widows

(posted 3/29/2014)


Click below for recent newsletters:

January 13, 2016 Newsletter
Jan 1 Breakfast

December 9, 2015 Newsletter
New Officers - Jan 1 Breakfast

March 2015 Newsletter
Big electric. Spring maintenance.

January 2014 Newsletter
2015 Club officers

November 2014 Newsletter
Free Plane! Officer nominations.

July 2014 Newsletter
CAP cadet visitor. Guest Paige.

April 2014 Newsletter
Spring field maintenance day. New member TomK.

March 2014 Newsletter
Combat planes. Pat's very large float plane for show and tell.

February 2014 Newsletter
Jim's 4m Sperber Jr. wing. 4-stroke engines for sale

January 2014 Newsletter
Weather station.

December 2013 Newsletter
Elected club officers. Photographic Year in Review.

November 2013 Newsletter
Officer nominations. John's Solo Certificate.

October 2013 Newsletter
Runway resurfacing discussion. Show and tell by Lee. Doodle art by John.

September 2013 Newsletter
Petromat wear photos. Show and tell by Marc. For sale by Mark.

August 2013 Newsletter
Petromat replacement. Show and tell by Pat, Ross, John and Marc.

July 2013 Newsletter
Upcoming events. Pat's Tiger Moth.

June 2013 Newsletter
Engine Kill Switch. Vintage photos. Newspaper coverage.

April 2013 Newsletter
Field Maintenance Day. Show and tell by Ross, Ray and Pat.

March 2013 Newsletter
Spring trainer. Savage brothers EDF. Show and tell by Pat, Art, Ray and John.

February 2013 Newsletter
History, trivia. Show and tell by Pat and Ross.

January 2013 Newsletter
Rusty thumb trainer. Show and tell by John, Marc and Jim.

December 2012 Newsletter
2013 Officers. The year in review in photos.

Old Newsletters?

Do you have an old club newsletter? We'd love to add it to our archives. Scan it and send it to:

Do you have photos from the old Atomic Aeromodelers days that we don't have posted in the "vintage photos" section? We'd love to add them to our archive. Contact the webmaster at:

Visitor Counter

(as of May 2014)

Flag Counter

Club Event Photos

Here are photos from the club's 2017 events

Photos to come soon.
2016 events

Here are photos from the club's 2015 events.

Here are photos from the club's 2014 events.



Here are photots from the
club's 2013 events.

Here are photos from the club's 2012 events.

Vintage Photos

We have an excellent collection of vintage photos from the early days of the Los Alamos Aeromodelers Club.

Go to this page to find photo links of those on whose shoulders we stand.

Vintage Documents

Some vintage club related documents can be found here.

Member's Full Scale Planes

Many of our club members have owned or flown full scale planes. Click on the photo to see the planes we used to slip the surly bonds of earth! Or click here to see them all.

Desktop Backgrounds

Fancy a pretty new desktop background

for your computer? Russ put together this fine collection of images you can download.

Neighboring Clubs and Associations

Here are links to some of our neighboring clubs and associations that are worth a visit. Check out their upcoming events.

Geotextile Runway

Our original fabric runway (Geotextile)
survived 6 years in the harsh New Mexico sun. In 2013 we pulled up the old fabric and replaced it with new.

Russ wrote a great how-to on the original preperation and installation with updates on the wear and tear. Any club attempting this type of installation should read about it here.

Interesting Links

Here's a site that Ross found that is sort of like a database for all things RC. Worth looking at if you're specifying some new equipment:

President's Corner

Coming soon

Fallen Fliers

Club member Ed passed away on July 10, 2014. Ed's club activity can traced back to at least 1960 when meeting announcements at Ed's house for the Atomic Aeromodelers started to appear in the Santa Fe New Mexican. Ed's obituary can be found here.

While control
line seemed to be his favorite, Ed was also known to put a radio controlled model in the air on occassion. Most members never saw anything other than a smile on his face. You'll be missed Ed.
(updated 7/15/2014)


Club Bylaws

The club bylaws can be found here.

Flying Site Videos

Our primary flying site is the Larry Sanders Memorial Airflield in Española.

Our sailport for gliders is in White Rock on the edge of the Rio Grande Gorge.